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warm welcome to our brewery


Adelaar Old Kriek, Adelaar lambic & exclusive - tasting only - Adelaar blackberry lambic.


Every hour and a half a free short tour of 30 to 40 minutes starts. (Start: 13H - 15H30 - 17H - 18H30)


MEAT will provide just the right delicious appetizers that go perfectly with our beers.
We'll leave you in suspense for a while, there are lots of ideas in the oven.


Music matters. We will end Saturday with DJ Fleddy Melculy, who will take care of the heavy stuff, Sunday the G-Bloezers will close the weekend in style with their mop-up orchestra.

warm welcome to our brewery



The brewery opens at noon each time. Saturday we close around midnight, Sunday the books close around 8pm.

No, you can board freely. Please note that there is a maximum number of people per tour to keep things running smoothly. So booking in advance is always helpful to be sure. You can do that below!

Absolutely, admission and tour are free. You also get 2 free tastings on top. Additional beers, soft drinks, gadgets, snacks and food are also available for a fee, of course.

Parking is available across the street and is free. Bicycle storage is provided on site.

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tours 4th or 5th of may


spontaneous beers

Our blonde (double wheat tripel).
On paper an “Imperial White” wheat beer, from the outside a blonde tripel, in reality a wonderful interplay between the two. Appearances are deceiving, character is inside.

This fresh tripel is packed with character. Quite a bit of wheat in the nose yet also fruity and softly sweet. In the background you taste a nice bitterness that provides a very soft, dry and floral aftertaste. The history of this recipe, and Hof te Kattem, takes us back to the disbanded abbey of Ninove.

The traditional or Oude Geuze is of course also obtained by blending young Lambic of 1 year with old Lambic of 2 to 3 years. By blending young and old lambic, the beer undergoes a new spontaneous fermentation in the bottle. For this it is given a minimum of 6 months in the brewery.

Elderflower has a sweet and fresh taste. Even ours, from ‘Den Dael’ from our backyard in Kester, has the distinct, almost perfume-like aromas that will immediately catch your attention. If you incorporate this delicacy in the right way, for example in a Geuze, you are bound to be impressed by the plant.

Geuze and the Pajottenland go hand in hand. Some spices were added to this Geuze, which spent 2 years in barrel. Our known climate – after all, spontaneous fermentation is achieved by exposing the wort to the open air – provides here a slightly sour, nostalgic and spicy taste.

Stout beer is originally from England and is traditionally made with a base of roasted malt. Often it also tastes rather sweet.

We, being bad boys as we are, took a slightly different approach and let the wild yeasts from our region do their work. The result is of course rather typically sour and less sweet, in the mouth this beer feels much less thick and creamy than the traditional stout. Very rich and complex in flavor.

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group formulas

Only requests for groups of 8 or more.

Smaller groups and individuals may be able to join other groups (be sure to make a request and we will look for solutions).

ONLY ON RESERVATION and only valid after confirmation by mail.

most tours are in dutch, on request we look at the possibilities in english.

applications possible from May 11, no tours on sunday.



Willem Van herreweghen

69 1/2 day


to know

Each participant (in the full group) must be over 16 years of age. Children are unfortunately not allowed in the brewery.

Groups larger than 20 participants we split into smaller groups.

Cancellation is accepted up to 7 days in advance, otherwise the requested number of visitors will be charged. A minimum of 8 visitors will always be charged. Cancellation of smaller groups joining and individuals can be made up to 7 days in advance without additional charges or charging the full amount.


Koekoekstraat 33, 1755 Gooik